Blacksmith made Ironwork, ranging from ornamental iron to wootz crucible steel swords
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Custom Knives are knives made from select materials, custom designs, and are heat treated to offer the best performance for the tasks the knife was created to do. The knife is an important tool. Owning a quality tool will definitely be a source of satisfaction, whether doing day to day tasks, or being a treasured keep sake passed on to the younger generations.

The Forged Blade

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In this method of making a knife, the blade is forged through heating and hammering the steel on the anvil face. The blade smith has great control over the shape and form the knife. The steel grain will flow through the forging as it is fullered and drawn out to shape. Although forging is much more time consuming to produce a blade, it does offer a connection to the past and how the ancient blades and swords were brought to life.

Stock Reduced Blade

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The stock reduced blade is produced by cutting a knife profile out of a piece of tool steel flat stock. The profile outline is ground on a belt grinder and then the knife bevels are also ground in the flat stock. The knife is then heat treated and then a handle is put on the blade's tang. It is a very efficient way of making a knife !